DCist: Best Cookies In D.C.

PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES AT UNCLE CHIP’S COOKIES: While I’ve passed this bright green shop on North Capitol Street plenty of times, I’ve never gone in. After recently having a subpar peanut butter cookie from another shop (which shall remain nameless), I decided to give Uncle Chip’s offering a whirl. The first thing I noticed about the peanut butter cookies here is that they don’t have an overwhelmingly peanut butter taste, which is is great for people who don’t necessarily favor the creamy spread. I’m not one of those people, but I appreciate how they don’t go overboard with the peanut butter. Instead, the cookies have a perfectly nutty flavor, even with added chunks of whole roasted peanuts. The thing that really won me over, though, is that the cookie was crunchy on the outside, and chewy on the inside. I learned that this is a trademark of the shop, which means I’ll definitely be heading back soon.—Christina Sturdivant Uncle Chip’s Cookies is located at 1514 North Capitol Street NW.


Link to article: https://dcist.com/story/16/07/27/14best-cookies/

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