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Happy Birthday! Have a cookie.
Deepest condolences for your loss. You are not alone.
Before you start raising that new kid of yours, take a break. Have a cookie. Congratulations!
Congratulations on the new baby! Have a cookie.
Having a baby? Have a cookie. Congratulations!
Happy Anniversary! Have a cookie.
The foundation of every good marriage is based on trust, love, and… Cookies. Looks like I did my part. You two work out the rest.
Getting married? Have a cookie.
You don't live with your parents anymore! Congratulations! Have a cookie.
You moved! Congratulations! Have a cookie.
You graduated! Congratulations! Have a cookie.
I'm sorry this is so tardy. It's not my fault I swear. Happy Birthday! Have a cookie.
Birthday? Have a cookie.
Birthday? Cookie? Birthday cookie.
Home is where the cookies are. Welcome home! Have a cookie.

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Custom Greeting Card

Uncle Chip's one-of-a kind greeting card line is designed to make your cookie eating experience just a little more scrumptious. Peruse our set stock of cards and mix and match to send the perfect message or enter a custom message of your own.

Uncle Chip's cards are designed for anybody, including:

  • that fabulous co-worker 
  •  sassy sister 
  •  ex-boyfriend 
  •  current boyfriend 
  •  girl that won't return your phone calls 
  •  crush friend across the country 
  •  brother 
  •  guy at the gym 
  •  girl at the supermarket 
  •  even for good old Mom and Dad!


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