About the cookie

Uncle Chip's uses only the best ingredients.

  • Real butter, real vanilla, and real chocolate. 
  • No preservatives. 
  • No artificial colors. 
  • No trans fat. Baked and sent to you, same day.

Our list of ingredients includes: Butter, milled flax seed, whole wheat flour, white flour, sugar, brown sugar, real vanilla, real chocolate chips, mineral enriched salt, baking soda. Period.

The secret ingredient

The secret ingredient is the most important and mysterious part of Uncle Chip's cookie.It is what makes the cookies so deliciously gooey, without the egg! We may be able to deliver deliciousness in a box right to your doorstep, but we can't reveal our secret.


Ounces and Measurements

The Uncle Chip

Our signature cookie. The most likeable size as it's big enough to fill, small enough to eat on your own. 3 oz./ 4" diameter

The Big Chip

A big cookie.Great for sharing. But you might just want to eat the whole thing by yourself. 4.5 oz./ 5" diameter

The Little Chip

Still a good sized cookie. A great sized snack. 1.5 oz./ 3" diameter


The Giant Chip

Will do justice to any important event or very important person. It's larger than life. 5.6 oz./ 6" diameter