The Uncle Chip's Story


Uncle Chip's was inspired by a single product: the chocolate chip cookie. Shannon, the company founder, developed Uncle Chip's secret recipe over the course of a year of grueling taste tests and serious market research. Friends, friends of friends, co- workers in San Francisco, CA, family and strangers all helped to develop the product as it comes to you today. After deciding to form the company, Shannon's secret recipe had to be changed so that a gooey cookie could be produced without the egg. There were three rounds of blind taste tests with mixed results. The final recipe was decided on when Shannon's friends came home from a long night out to see two cookies in front of them on the oven, on the left test cookie #1 and on the right, test cookie #2. She was asleep at the time and awoke to her two roomies scarfing down option #1 screaming,"This is it."

Indeed it was.

Taste the results yourself.

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